Best Non Toxic Facial Moisturizer for 2022

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Best Non Toxic Facial Moisturizer for 2022

Why do you need a non toxic facial moisturizer?  

Need help finding the best non toxic facial moisturizer to help protect and hydrate our skin will allow us to look and feel our best without the concern of impacting our overall health? Most of the products on the shelves at the local drug store or large store such as Target contain toxic ingredients that can impact our overall health.

Our everyday personal care products can disrupt our hormone system, cause reproductive issues, skin irritation, and even link to cancer.

Our skin is our largest organ, so finding products that will help protect our skin without worrying about the ingredients is ideal. Skincare products can contain toxic ingredients that play into our overall health and well-being.  

Is the personal care industry regulated?

The personal care industry is underregulated. There has not been a significant personal care law passed since 1936. Over 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into commerce, with less than 10% even tested for safety.  

Currently, the European Union bans 1400 potentially harmful ingredients, Canada around 650, and the United States a whopping 30. Yes, thirty, that is it. No, I did not forget a zero or two.  

As chronic conditions and diseases continue to climb, we must do better with the choices we make every day that can affect our health. Avoiding harmful chemicals in our everyday products is just as important as the foods we eat and our daily activity in our overall health.

The next time you walk into a store to pick up a moisturizer, flip over the bottle and read through the ingredients list. Is the facial moisturizer a safe option to apply to your skin daily?  

Using the Environmental Working Group database found at can also be a useful starting point in finding the right moisturizer for you.

What do moisturizers do?

The moisturizer is going to protect the skin. In a skincare routine, the steps are: wash, prep, treat, and protect. 

The final step is the moisturizer. 

The moisturizer will protect your face from environmental stressors and free radicals while locking in the moisture.  

Grace Hamrick with Countertime moisturizer on her face
Grace Hamrick

Do I need an entire collection or regimen?

Skincare products in a collection or regimen build upon each layer. You will see the best results when using the same line in an entire multi-step routine rather than just one product.

Madi Rowan gave a great analogy the other day when I talked with her, and I loved it. She said a skincare routine is like a sandwich. The cleanser and moisturizer are the two pieces of bread. You can have the basics and call it a sandwich, or you can add all these fantastic ingredients in between, and the sandwich becomes delicious.

What Ingredients Should I avoid in the best non toxic facial moisturizer?

When it comes to chemicals and additives in skincare, it isn’t always the dose that makes the poison. 

Small continued exposure can be just as or more concerning to our health.  


The ingredient fragrance is in a lot of skincare products. Looking for products that list out the ingredients that make up the fragrance, such as essential oils, would be a better option. The ingredient fragrance is known to be an endocrine disruptor.  

Fragrance can be highly concerning if you have allergic reactions due to the fragrance loophole; all the ingredients do not need to be listed because it is a trade secret. 

You can read more about why to avoid fragrance in a previous post here:  Why should you avoid Fragrance?

Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride is often found in moisturizers and used as a preservative. It is common in moisturizers and sunscreens. It is associated with severe skin, eye, respiratory irritation, and allergies.

Butylated Hydroxy Anisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Found in moisturizers, lipsticks, diaper creams, and other cosmetics. It is a preservative used to extend shelf life. These ingredients are hormone disruptors, carcinogens and may cause liver damage.

Ethylendediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)

Often found in moisturizers and hair color. Used to provide stability as a binding agent and may be toxic to organs.  


Most likely found in moisturizers and sunscreen. It is linked to sensitization, allergies, irritation, and possible disruption of the hormones.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG compounds)

PEGs are moisture carriers, softeners, and thickeners. They are hiding in sunscreen, shampoo, and creams. The concern with PEGs is that they may contain carcinogens 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate)

Retinyl palmitate is made of palmitic acid and retinol (Vitamin A). Studies performed by the FDA indicate that the use of retinyl palmitate in direct sunlight may result in adverse health effects like lesions and photosensitization, which can be a health and safety concern.

Excessive use of vitamin A while pregnant is a concern. Other populations with large consumption of vitamin A are also a concern. Retinyl Palmitate is in creams and moisturizers.

How to check the ingredient lists for the best moisturizers?

Always look for the ingredient list on any personal care products. Over time it will become easier to pick out common ingredients to avoid. 

If a company does not list out all the ingredients, I do not recommend using them.

If the company is not willing to be transparent about the ingredients used, I am not ready to purchase. My health matters, and to me, what else could they be hiding?

Does the non-toxic facial moisturizer need to be organic?

There are lots of great options that are not 100% organic. In skincare, preservatives play an essential role and can help prevent bacteria growth. Make sure you are using a product that is third-party tested and contains clean ingredients.

Organic ingredients in skincare are not as necessary as organic foods. Synthetic ingredients can help preserve the product, as mentioned above.   

Know your skin type

When searching for the best non toxic facial moisturizer, it is essential to know your type of skin. Which skin type best describes you: dry, sensitive, acne-prone, oily, combination, or normal?  

Next, you should find a product that will work best for your skin’s needs and help address your primary concern.

The Best Non Toxic Facial Moisturizer

Why Beautycounter?  

Beautycounter offers a solution to safer products. The company truly goes over and beyond to ensure that one day everyone will have access to safer products through advocacy and education.  

Unparallel Safety Screening

They have created the Never List. This list contains 1800+ questionable ingredients that they vouch to never use in their formulation of products.

Ingredient Transparency

Every ingredient used in the formulation is on the website and product packaging. Including each ingredient that makeups fragrance. Not being fully transparent is a big concern because this is a great hiding spot for potentially harmful ingredients.  

Responsible Sourcing

Beautycounter is committed to sourcing safer ingredients. They believe in responsible sourcing that is better for the people and the planet.  

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

The Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion is a great facial moisturizer for normal skin and combination skin. It is a lightweight formula that will adapt to your skin needs and provide moisture for up to 24 hours. This natural face cream is excellent for sensitive skin types. 

Picture of Countermatch Adaptive lotion
Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion,Photo Credit

Featured Ingredients:

  • Squalane: derived from olives, it draws moisture into the skin and visibly restores elasticity.
  • Phytic acid: sourced from rice, this gentle exfoliator boosts radiance and helps the skin breathe for a natural-looking glow.
  • Plum Oil: rich in omegas 6, 9, and vitamin E, it helps provide nutrients for vibrant, healthy-looking skin.
  • Shea Butter: helps hydrate and condition skin.

( is the source for featured ingredients.)

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream

The Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream is going to be richer than the Adaptive Moisture Lotion. 

It is an excellent option for a sleeping cream.

This non-toxic facial moisturizer includes two forms of hyaluronic acid. The Recovery Sleeping Cream helps lock in the moisture and prevent the skin from losing moisture while you sleep.

This formula replenishes hydration while revitalizing the skin with hyaluronic acid, squalene, plum oil, and phytic acid.  

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream
Beautycounter Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream,Photo Credit

Featured Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: one of the most effective hydrating ingredients, it delivers moisture without clogging pores.
  • Squalane: derived from olives, it draws moisture into the skin and visibly restores elasticity.
  • Plum Oil: rich in omegas 6, 9, and vitamin E, it helps provide nutrients for vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

( is the source for featured ingredients.)

Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream

Countertime Antioxidant Soft is a luxurious non-toxic moisturizer and part of our primer antiaging line. 

This cream will reduce the appearance of fine lines.  

Countertime’s is formula includes Retinatural Complex. The key ingredients in this combination include Bakuchiol and swiss alpine rose. 

It will plump and firm the skin while delivering hydration to protect the skin from environmental stressors during the day.  

It delivers similar results of retinol without all the health concerns.

Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream
Beautycounter Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream, Photo Credit

Featured Ingredients:

  • Retinatural Complex: Beautycounter took two of the most powerhouse plant-derived ingredients available and created a scientific breakthrough. Bakuchiol has been shown to provide skincare results that are comparable to retinol—without harmful side effects such as skin irritation and increased sun sensitivity—and Swiss Alpine rose boosts the skin’s antioxidant defense.
  • Nasturtium flower extract (Tropaeolum Majus Flower Extract): Helps reinforce the skin barrier while providing potent oxygenation benefits to protect and defend skin from drying environmental stressors.
  • Fermented Sugars (Biosaccharide Gum-1): This blend of fermented sugars helps soothe skin while helping slow the visible effects of aging by optimizing hydration for renewed skin.

( is the source for featured ingredients.)

Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream

Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream is my absolute favorite night cream. It locks in moisture all night, and I wake up with hydrated and soft skin. It is a luxurious rich cream.  

This is a great non-toxic facial moisturizer that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  

The Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream rivals La Mer. It is an excellent option for mature skin and for those whose primary concern is antiaging. The Supreme Cream is a power-rich cream that will visibly firm and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  

If you want to wake up radiant and youthful-looking this is the product for you.

Jar of the Countertime Tertrapeptide Supreme Cream
Beautycounter Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream,Photo Credit

Featured Ingredients:

  • Retinatural Complex: We took two of the most powerhouse plant-derived ingredients available and created a scientific breakthrough. Bakuchiol has been shown to provide skincare results comparable to retinol—without harmful side effects such as skin irritation and increased sun sensitivity—and Swiss Alpine rose boosts the skin’s antioxidant defense.
  • Tetrapeptide: Helps increase skin elasticity, minimize the appearance of lines, boost visible firmness, and smooth skin surface.
  • Fermented Sugars (Biosaccharide Gum-1): This blend of fermented sugars helps soothe skin while helping slow the visible effects of aging by optimizing hydration for renewed skin.

( is the source for featured ingredients.)

Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream

The Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream is excellent for oily skin and blemish-prone skin. It will hydrate the skin without a greasy formula. 

The Matte Effect Gel will deliver all of the hydration needed without the shine. The ingredients wintergreen and rosebay willow make up Beautycounter’s SkinBalance Complex. This oil-free, non-greasy hydrator will improve the skin’s texture without ingredients that can clog pores.

It will mattify the skin or make it look less oily for up to eight hours (Based on a 30-subject clinical instrumentation study over eight hours.)

The Matte Effect Gel Cream is the perfect nontoxic moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin.  

Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream
Beautycounter Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream,Photo Credit

Featured Ingredients

  • SkinBalance Complex: All Countercontrol products, featuring our signature SkinBalance Complex, with wintergreen and rosebay willow, help mattify skin, purify pores and reduce the appearance of redness while keeping skin in balance.
  • Zea Mays (Corn) Starch: Derived from non-GMO corn, and acts as a mattifying agent.

( is the source for featured ingredients.)

Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer

The Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer is a lightweight facial moisturizer. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and provides nourishing hydration. 

This is excellent for sensitive skin and those looking for an entry into non-toxic facial moisturizer.  

It is a great option for teens or those looking for a gentle formula that can accommodate all skin types.

This formula includes aloe vera and coconut oil to nourish and soothe the skin. At the same time, Vitamin E protects the skin against environmental stressors.  

Image of Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer
Beautycounter Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer,Photo Credit

Featured Ingredients

  • Coconut Oil: Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Soothes skin.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E): An antioxidant that protects skin from environmental aggressors.

( is the source for featured ingredients.)

Additional safer options for non toxic moisturizers.  

Credo Beauty is an excellent resource for non-toxic facial moisturizers. They carry a variety of brands. You will find the most extensive assortment of beauty products that meet Credo’s clean standards.  

The Detox Market also offers a variety of brands dedicated to providing safer options for consumers.  

Other non toxic beauty brands to check out are Onda Beauty, Osea, and Kora Organics. The good news is we as consumers are demanding safer options. Today we have come a long way, and there are more safer options for non toxic facial moisturizers on the market than ever before. 

Ways to get more out of your moisturizer

If you feel you still need added moisture, facial oil can help lock in additional hydration. I love adding a drop of the Counter + No 3 Facial oil with my Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream in the morning.  

The All-Bright C Serum can also help with sun damage by adding under your favorite moisturizer. 

It is the ultimate vitamin C serum that will be a game-changer in your everyday routine.  

Ready to swap for a non toxic facial moisturizer?

Hopefully, this article will provide the framework on what to avoid and things to look for when swapping to the best non toxic facial moisturizer.  

Understanding your own skin’s needs is crucial as you begin to look for the best product for you.  

Please let me know if you have questions about the specific products discussed.

If you want to give Beautycounter a try you can complete this form, and I can snail mail you samples. You can also order directly from the website and we are offer a 60-day return policy if you are not happy with your non toxic facial moisturizer.  

**I am an independent Beautycounter consultant and will earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you order through one of the links above.  

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