Personalized nutrition and lifestyle modifications with a functional approach to help women eat to feel good, increase energy, and lose weight.

Grace Hamrick, RD

Hello! I am Grace Hamrick, Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach promoting general wellness and non-toxic living.  As an Integrative and Functional trained Dietitian, I believe in taking a functional approach and determining the root cause of your health concerns.

The more I learned about the health impact of exposure to everyday toxins; I knew I had to share what I was learning.  If I was unaware of the health impacts, I realized most of my clients also had no idea the correlation between the products they use every day and their own health.  

Grace works with her clients to find the root cause for their issues with functional tests to then develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that will have them feeling their best.

Why Wellbeing with Grace?


/ˈˌwel ˈˌbēiNG/



      1.  the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

      "an improvement in the patient's well-being" n.d. Well-Being - Definition Of Well-Being In English From The Oxford Dictionary

Grace focuses on the “improvement of the patient’s wellbeing.” As a dietitian, she will dive into what her clients are eating and takes a holistic approach to all lifestyle factors. Sleep, activity level, stress, environmental toxins, personal care products, and supplements all play a role in our overall health.

She truly wants to educate and empower women to be able to live and feel their best.

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