Personalized nutrition and lifestyle modifications with a functional approach to help individuals 
eat to nourish their bodies, increase energy, 
and feel their best.

Grace Hamrick, RD

Why Wellbeing with Grace?


/ˈˌwel ˈˌbēiNG/



      1.  the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

      "an improvement in the patient's well-being" n.d. Well-Being - Definition Of Well-Being In English From The Oxford Dictionary

Grace Hamrick is a Registered Dietitian, Certified LEAP Therapist, and ACE Certified Health Coach who created Wellbeing with Grace to help individuals feel their best.

With a focus on improving the patient’s well-being, Grace approaches all lifestyle factors holistically, including nutrition, sleep, activity level, stress, environmental toxins, personal care products, and supplements. She uses functional tests when appropriate to address the root cause of symptoms. 

She aims to educate and empower individuals to live their best by developing personalized nutrition plans and lifestyle modifications to meet their wellness goals. 

As a mother of three active boys, Grace recognized the importance of sports nutrition education for teen athletes. Inspired by her children’s needs as they competed at a higher level in their sports, she launched the Sports Nutrition Fueling Guide. 

Grace also educates teens and their parents on fueling their bodies so they can use nutrition to take their sport to the next level.

To feel your best and optimize your health, check out the Work with Me tab and the e-course Sports Nutrition Fueling Guide. 


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